Rent an “office” for less than $40/month.

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(Launching January 2017)

A new way for entrepreneurs, startups, small business owners, and even people that work from home to rent an office address affordably without the overhead of expensive office space.

Minimize Overhead

Stay lean.

Big ideas start small. Choose one of our locations that best suits your budget and location.

Look Professional

Make an Impression.

Hand out a business card with an image that matches your ambition.

Focus On Business

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Let us handle your mail for you. If you like, pick-up is available free at any of our locations.

You might only need an address for your business cards, email signature, legal docs, invoice receiving, etc.
We’re the perfect solution.

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Virtually Officed*

$35 / month

  • Perfect


$100 / month

  • Expensive


$159 / month

  • More Expensive


$350 / month

  • Too Expensive!

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(Launching January 2017)